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  • Role-of-Digital-Marketing-for-Personal-Branding

    Role of Digital Marketing for Personal Branding

    If you are an online entrepreneur then Personal Branding is one thing that you should be considering. Personal Branding is a concept which will help you create a corporate identity for yourself in the target market by promoting your name and brand. Personal Branding can have a huge impact on your business growth.

    Digital Marketing is an important tool …

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  • ENT-Website-SEO

    Rebranding for Better SEO: Dos and Don’ts for ENT Clinics in USA

    Rebranding of a business website may make or break the SEO profile of the website in its target geo-specific market. Rebranding requires a lot of deliberation in connection with SEO rankings of a website. The purpose of rebranding will be best served if the SEO value remains the same. Here are a few suggestions regarding rebranding for ENT …

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  • Technical-Website-SEO

    Technical SEO: Four Important Factors for Website Ranking and Performance

    Technical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important for website ranking, content performance, user experience and traffic growth. What most of us mean or understand by technical SEO is a number of most common on-page practices like H tags, Meta tags, image tags, URLs, etc. Apart from these simple things, there are many technical aspects of on-page SEO which many …

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  • Useful-SEO-Tips

    Useful Tips from the Changing Scenario of Search Engine Optimization

    SEO is an evolving and changing phenomenon like every other thing. For instance, the purpose of using keywords is far greater than mere desire of improving a website’s organic rankings in Google. I am sharing a few useful tips from the changing scenario of Search engine optimization so that you can update your SEO checklist accordingly.
    Fast-loading Websites are Trustworthy Ones
    Needless …

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  • Know Dos and Don’ts of SEO to Protect Your Website from Google Penalties

    How to keep your website safe from Google penalties is a must know simply because it helps to do right SEO for the website. Knowing what causes Google penalties helps to optimize a website for search engines without any possibility or risk of getting the site penalized. I have explained different types of Google penalty and their possible reasons for …

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  • LSI Keywords: Know How to Increase Organic Traffic by 50%

    Do you like to eat the same food every day? Isn’t it monotonous and boring if you live a routine bound life every day? Don’t you think some little changes in day-to-day life will make it interesting? Monotony is what no one likes. Similarly, Google finds repetition of a keyword monotonous. Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) adds variety to keyword usage …

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  • Digital Marketing 2016: Four Latest Trends to Optimize Your Efforts for Best Results

    Digital marketing is the best ladle to dig out the biggest scoop of traffic and leads from virtual marketplaces. Like every other thing, digital marketing keeps changing from time to time. Crafting strategies for search engine optimization, search engine marketing and social media marketing in sync with current digital marketing trends is a must do for brands in New York, …

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  • Four SEO Mistakes to Avoid for Good Ranking of Websites in Google

    A website if not properly designed can be redesigned to get the desired look and feel. But a website if not properly optimized due to some mistakes in the process may leave a setback to its business. Knowing what possible SEO mistakes are helps to avoid them. Here is a brief elaboration on four most common mistakes in …

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  • Evolving Role of Content for SEO and Digital Marketing

    Content was there, is there and will be there for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Content is the key ingredient for on-page optimization and off-page optimization. With evolution of SEO into different marketing mechanisms of high level such as content marketing and digital marketing, content has become king of kings. There is no alternative to this specific need of all time …

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  • How Your Website Content Impact Your Organic Search Results

    Tech-savvy consumers are slowly shutting off the traditional shopping window and instead, opting for online purchase. And whenever it comes to online buy and bargain, importance of website content cannot be emphasized enough. A website is a promotional tool for both your product profile and brand. Its designing and features for easy navigation are of high importance but that must …

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  • Importance of SEO Services for Healthcare Businesses

    Without SEO, online businesses in the healthcare industry are like medical shops without boards in a crowded marketplace. If medical businesses or healthcare professionals are not online, they have limited reach and visibility. When they are online, SEO is the only process to get them noticed and heard by a maximum number of users. If you are one of them …

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  • Design mistakes which hurt SEO Health of Websites

    This article is continuation of the discussion on common SEO mistakes in web design. It also emphasizes the role of professional web designers who design search engine friendly websites. 
    Improper video embedding
    Improper video embedding is one of the great mistakes in web design from the SEO viewpoint. These days, most business and non-business websites are publishing video content as part …

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