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  • personal-brand-development

    Effective Personal Brand Development to Grow Traffic

    Branding has a great impact on your business development. Well, from the start-up to a multi-million dollar entrepreneur – everyone prefers building a strong branding strategy. It helps a new or existing venture to get immediate success. However, a brand doesn’t simply apply to organizations, and in today’s advanced world brand develops more than simply coordinating the shade of your …

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  • content marketing trend

    Four Content Marketing Trends for Startups in United States

    The days of producing loads of content for search engine optimization, blogging, social media and email marketing are gradually coming to an end. The time ahead is the time for creating smart, strategic content for marketing and branding. Content marketing has started ruling the roost even for startups in USA. Here’s is a brief discussion on four content marketing trends …

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  • ENT-Clinics-Content-Marketing

    Step by Step Content Marketing for ENT Clinics in New York and New Jersey

    The days of traditional search engine optimization is gone long back. Content marketing is the present sophisticated and updated version of off page optimization, a consistent effort, which helps to keep a website up in Google. There are different approaches to content marketing for different businesses or sectors. Here is a brief guide on how to do content marketing …

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  • Web-Design-for-Corporate-Branding

    Role of Website Designing and Online Marketing in Corporate Branding

    Branding is no more limited to designing logo, banner, letterhead, etc. in current times of digital marketing. It has got a wider and more comprehensive definition. Though the usual aspects of branding are the same, the execution takes a lot more than before. Digital branding mainly comprises website design and online marketing. Here is a brief discussion …

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  • To-Do’s after your website goes Live

    Now that you have your website designed and developed by a professional, you must be eager to see the results of your hard work. But the work does not really end here. If you want your website to become popular and want to increase the daily visits to your website, you may have to work a little bit more after …

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  • Fundamentals of Web Marketing for Lawyers and Other Professionals

    Website design is the very beginning of online marketing for every business and every professional. It is not exceptional in case of lawyers. Seeds of web marketing for law professionals are sown in design and development of websites for them. Whoever designs and develops a website must know where and when to implement web marketing essentials during the process, for …

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  • Challenges of Online Branding for Start-ups

    Every brand has a story to tell. A start-up having a story is likely to evolve into a brand. Storytelling is one of the critical challenges of online branding for start-ups. How a story is narrated emotively and visually is more important than the story itself. Nothing impacts the human psychology as much as inspirational stories. Gone are the days …

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  • Role of Website in Branding

    In the current decade of the 21st century, branding has got a different definition. Advertising in the electronic and print media is no more enough for branding in present times of social media and other online marketing channels. These days, guest blogging, press release marketing, social media marketing, blogging, video marketing, infographic marketing, etc are the most popular branding strategies. …

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  • Graphics: Power of visual content for Marketing, Branding & Storytelling

    Reliability of service, and trust in relationship have become the keys to success for online businesses, today. It takes time to build trustworthy relationship with customers and convince them about reliability of your service. The most recommended and promising strategy to turn these keys of success is online presentation of your business or brand through visual content. Visual marketing or …

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  • Info graphic design: To invest or not

    Graphic image is one of the key blocks of visual marketing in different media. It has become a great attention-grabbing performer in content marketing and social media marketing (which are referred to as digital marketing as a complete solution). Among different forms of graphics, info graphic is the most trending visual, currently. Info graphic is the interface between information (text) …

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  • Importance of email design for product marketing & business communication

    Though social media has become a ruling platform for online communication, email plays an important role in digital marketing campaigns. Email marketing still retains its place in promotional campaigns, business communication and customer engagement if it is not contest-based social media marketing for branding. Marketing emails are not just plain text. They entail HTML design.

    Email communication design is akin to …

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  • The graphic designer for logo design you are looking for

    Many people are under the wrong impression that a brand is a logo. Rather, a logo is a branding material which is sensibly created out of creative thoughts connecting a business or organization with its target audience. A brand is signified by its logo. Logo designing is the very first step towards visual branding of a business. A graphic designer …

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