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  • What is Fluid Website and Why You Should Have One

    Fluid websites are the websites that are designed in such a responsive way that the content rearranges itself in sync with the width of the display screen of the user’s device. The content rearrangement along the width of the screen depends on the varying resolution of …

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  • Differences between Fluid Design Websites and Fixed Design Websites

    If you are in dilemma about the feasibility as well as usability of fluid design and fixed design, the discussion below citing differences between these two designs with focus on their respective advantages and disadvantages will best guide you.

    Fluid design is an interface between scalable design and responsive design. Fluid design agrees with percentage based dimensions to make width of …

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  • Why you should have a Fluid Website

    As a medium, internet is yet to come out of its infancy. Fortunately, the web designers – though a small part of them – are daring to explore the possibilities and the latest trend to the fullest. Their penchant to experiment with the new-age technology coupled with several advantages of fluid website designing has popularized it throughout the world.

    Now the …

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  • Salient Features of Liquid Websites & How They Can Benefit Your Business

    With reach of web world not restricted to desktop and spreading to laptop and mobile devices to help people stay connected while on go, development of a more interactive website has become imperative. Business houses are now revisiting and reconstructing their marketing strategy to reach maximum people all over the world as they are keen to explore the …

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  • Advantages of Liquid HTML Website Design for Lawyers

    You might be wondering how a liquid HTML website can benefit you or your profession as a lawyer. Be you a professional in any niche, this specific website design is equally …

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  • Mobile Web Presence for Lawyer, Attorney and Law Firm

    Due to the increasing usage of mobile and smartphone devices all over the world, it has become a necessity for each and every business to establish a mobile web presence. This is even more so for law firms and law attorneys. Unlike the fashion and travel industry, building online presence is not quite easy for lawyers. Uploading a few pictures …

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  • Advantages of having a Fluid or Liquid HTML website

    Once upon a time, the reach to the web world was limited to desktops on desks. Laptops put the users of the web world on the move to some extent. Now mobile internet has facilitated access to the web world from anywhere and at anytime. Evidently, the web world is accessible from not only desktops and laptops but also tablets …

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