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    Six Reasons to Choose Custom WordPress Themes

    A recent survey has stated that over 23.3% out of 10 million sites are utilizing WordPress to describe it’s the best decision for a content management system. Moreover, a huge number of free and commercial, pre-made themes are accessible for the framework. It is considered to be a new approach to develop and launch a website with little of programming …

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  • Why Lawyer Needs a Blog

    Blogging has come a long way as a pastime, a hobby, a profession, a marketing practice and online socialization. Blog is a multidimensional platform which connects with multiple channels on the Web. If it is built and maintained as a professional platform for marketing and reputation building, it pays off in many positive ways. Here is how blog can help …

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  • Why you should have a Healthcare Blog

    You have a medical website. Being a medical professional, it is natural to have one. But, you are still lagging behind. It is mainly because your website does not integrate a healthcare blog. You may question the usefulness or necessity of having a blog. Here is an in-depth discussion on why you should have a blog or integrate blog to …

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  • Benefits of Blog integration to Attorney Websites

    A blog is a professional platform for attorneys to showcase their subject matter knowledge of critical cases. The professionally maintained blogs of attorney websites retain their industry knowledge and commitment to the target groups. Even the laymen among the target audience, powered by the Internet, check the company information and history, be it the best law firm website, before dealing …

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  • Benefits of blogging for Health Care Agency website

    If your medical website does not integrate a blog, do rethink it. You may not know how a well-designed blog adds value to and drive the popularity of websites in multiple ways. A blog promises several benefits from user engagement to interactivity, social media popularity, marketing, enhanced search engine ranking, etc. That is why the worldwide blogosphere has been thriving. …

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  • Most Popular Features of Outstanding Blog Design – Part 2

    This article is continuation of the previous “Most Popular Features of Outstanding Blog Design”. It highlights some other important features of exclusive blog templates and elaborates on their usefulness.
    Author bio
    Nowadays, every blog post or article displays an author bio. With Google giving importance to authorship of content, author bio has become necessary. …

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  • Most popular features of outstanding blog design

    Today, the world has become a mini blogosphere where one in every five persons blogs about some or other things under the sun. With the revolution of blogging as a trend, blog design has evolved a lot. Many traditional features of blog template design have been replaced with new ones so that a blog can compete with other blogs in …

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  • Why WordPress the best for Individual Professionals

    You might have read a lot about why WordPress is the best for individual professionals, what the advantages of WordPress website are, etc. In this article, I have highlighted some other user-friendly features of WordPress for individual professionals like you though on similar lines.

    With WordPress, you don’t need to rely on your designer for small changes. Adding a new page …

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  • Reasons why you need a custom Wine Blog Design

    Are you an aspiring wine blogger? Are you looking to earn from wine blogging? The very first step towards reaching your goals is to have a custom wine blog designed. The reasons why you need a well-designed wine blog are listed and detailed below to make the picture clear.

    These days, wine festivals are common events. For example, Oktoberfest is the …

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  • Custom WordPress Theme vs Free WordPress Theme

    You may be caught between two minds about the choice of custom WordPress theme over free WordPress template for your website. Many organizations and professionals are wise enough to choose the former over the latter as they are aware of the advantages of website development from custom designs. Here are top 5 benefits of custom theme design to make the …

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  • 5 best advantages of Custom WordPress Theme

    You are not sure if WordPress theme is the right solution for a website, a reading of this post will remove all your doubts. The advantages of Custom WordPress themes are the highlights here.
    Multiple page styles     
    WordPress themes come with multiple page styles. Themes with single page outline for several different niches do not work these days. Themes having one …

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  • Custom WordPress Responsive Theme for your website

    Designing a web layout is no longer the same as it used to be earlier. Earlier we had to worry about keeping our website consistent in multiple browsers but now we have to keep into our mind the multiple devices or various resolutions. Since mid 2011, Responsive website development has seen a big leap and popularity among the developers and …

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