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  • ENT-Content-Marketing-Trends

    Content Marketing Trends for ENT Clinics in New Jersey and New York

    Data-backed Content Marketing
    Why should people trust your ENT clinic with their health? The possible and common answers are market reputation and authority. Reputation can be built or achieved only by virtue of good treatment, patients’ feedback and word of mouth. But authority? Authority can be established or developed through data based or backed content marketing.

    Case study, white paper and …

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  • Simple Copywriting Tips for the Web

    Copywriting for the print and copywriting for the Web are not the same practices. But they are similar to some extent. Be a copy required for the Web or print, it should be written using specific words and positive tones in active sentences. Web copywriting is an integral part of interaction design for websites. Every online marketer should know and …

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  • Role of a Web Designer in a Content Rich Website

    With more and more of brands and businesses getting aware of how having a web space can positively impact their marketing effort; role of a web designer has become increasingly important. Since the importance of online marketing did sink in, web designing has become an essential aspect to spread information and words of praise about one’s business to the netizens …

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  • Why consult digital marketing analyst for B2B or B2C content development

    With the latest updates from Google putting emphasis on the importance of content, content quality is more valuable than content quantity in the present digital times. It has changed the definition of B2B and B2C content. Both B2B and B2C content types are target-oriented approaches to marketing and promoting products. Evidently, the business value of this content is a lot. …

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  • Do you know how important ‘About Us’ content for your website

    The content of ‘About Us’ web page is as much important as the design of home pages. If home pages hook visitors, the about us pages tell stories to them. If the homepage of a business website is intended as gateway to the business, the about us page is intended as a spokesperson of the business to communicate values, vision …

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  • Challenging roles of web designer and content writer for Travel Websites

    Are you looking to launch a Travel Website? It is a nice initiative. But, do you ever think what will make a travel website an eloquent salesman online? It is design with visual appeal and content with picturesque quality. Here is a discussion on how a creative web designer and a creative copy writer can make a big difference in …

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  • Leverage magnetic power of personalized content for email marketing campaigns

    Personalized marketing content or content personalization, as a key to achieving high ROI, is in vogue.  Catering to the needs, addressing the problems and appealing to the likes of target groups is the focus of the content personalization trend in the marketing field. I personally don’t like to go through the generic message of emails that, from various sources, fill …

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