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  • Healthcare-Industry-ORM

    Online Reputation Management Strategy for Healthcare Industry

    Online Reputation Management (ORM) is an intangible resource to grow the brand and reputation of your business. With the growing advancements in technology and the rising competitive market, even the Healthcare industry is incorporating various Digital Marketing Strategies.

    It has become really difficult to manage Brand Reputation as the traditional approach or the usual ORM strategies aren’t quite effective. The easy …

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  • How to managing your brand reputation

    Online Branding: How to managing your brand reputation

    If you are a part of Digital Marketing Service then you can easily relate to Online Branding. Well, it is known to all that the first step to Digital Marketing Service is to create an Online Brand Reputation. However, one of the biggest mistakes that can lead to complete failure is improper Brand Management. Brand Reputation Management is extremely important …

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  • web-strategy

    How to work out Your Web Presence Strategy

    If you are a part of the Digital Market, you must know about Web Presence Strategy as it plays a major role in your success. A perfect Web Presence Strategy is required to boost your online visibility. Your brand appearance and online strategies are necessary to create a wonderful first impression on your customers. While you are unavailable, your site …

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  • website rebranding strategy dbanerjee

    May be it’s time to re-brand your website? – Website re-branding strategy

    As we all know, everything changes with time. This is quite applicable to every facet of our lives and even for Digital or Online Marketing. Rebranding is necessary to keep in pace with the constant evolution of the market place. The concept of Re-Branding is of utmost importance for any small company or big corporate organization.

    The thought of re-branding can give …

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  • business-branding-web-design

    Why Professional Web Presence Vital For Branding and Business Growth

    Branding is similarly as critical for start-ups or small business as it is for big organizations. In reality, numerous corporate brands attempt to look more like little firms with a specific goal to engage shoppers that want to bolster autonomous brands. Numerous entrepreneurs comprehend that business branding is an important key to their brand. However, surprisingly a high number of them …

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  • Role of Social Networking in Branding across Social Media Platforms

    Branding is a holistic approach to reach out to the target audience, connect with them, get products known, build brand image, and create and manage market reputation. Branding activities were limited to electronic media before digital media took the world by storm. Electronic media-based branding, mostly in form of advertising, was not instantly measurable in terms of outcomes, which social …

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