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The California region boasts of a rich and elaborate history in the field of wine making. The 18th century marks the introduction of the first grape vines in the state by the Spanish and the produced wine was used not only for religious sacraments but daily lives as well. The black-skinned grape variety, known as the Mission grape, played a major role in the production of wine in the area until the late 19th century when European wines began to rise to prominence. Californian wine businesses that promote themselves over the Internet can use my excellent services to raise their SEO rankings and maintain their website so that they continue to appeal to a broad audience.

Highlights of California Wineries

The state of California has more than 427,000 acres planted under grape vines and ships almost 500 million gallons of wine each year, accounting for close to 90% of the entire wine production in the United States. The California wineries are responsible for producing the most and arguably one of the finest wines throughout the world. The month of September happens to be among the busiest months for the wine industry in California the majority of the grapes are harvested at that time. They are then crushed and moved into the process of fermentation. This is the reason why September is celebrated as California Wine Month across the whole wine industry in California. The state of California is divided into several distinct wine counties, each having its own specialty wine. For example, the South Coast area of California has the San Pasqual Valley wine region as well as the famous Antelope Valley wineries. There is no doubt that the South Coastal wineries in California are prosperous, but more exposure would be great for business and would promote the great quality wine among an international audience. This is exactly what my website intends to do by providing wine businesses with a strong online presence that attracts the attention of customers not just in California and the United States but the rest of the world.

Family Wine Tours in California

One of the most renowned wine growing parts of California happens to be sunny Napa Valley. Not only is it the third biggest tourist destination in California but the area enjoys a vast heritage in wine making which accounts for why some of the biggest wine names in the world can be found within this tiny section of the North Coast region. The wine in Napa Valley is created via a centuries old recipe and expertise which lends a special taste to the product, and increases its value and demand in the world market.

The Sierra foothills wine county has become a hot weekend getaway spot for families while Sonoma County has managed to establish a great reputation for itself among the California wineries. Both these regionsoffer a great relaxation destination for the entire family with breath-taking views, great wineries and wonderful tours. Kids are bound to love the gift shops at the Sonoma County wineries while Sierra foothills have numerous scenic picnic spots.

Wine Entertainment Options

The Temecula Valley wine stores take an active interested in California Wine Month along with the rest of the state. This popular wine growing area can be accessed easily from the Orange counties, Riverside and San Diego. During this time, the wineries provide visitors with the chance to partake in 35 different local wines in a single setting. Gourmet cuisine is arranged for guests along with great music and lively conversations. Wine tours and overnight packages are part of the experience.On the other hand, the Pacific Coast Wine business Trail promises visitors a wine experience as different as the coastal community. Guests can complement wine tasting events with antiquing, hiking, beach time, viewing the elephant seal rookery or visiting the famous Hearst Castle. The wine in Leona Valley is produced by the best wineries of rare, collectible and cult wines in the whole of southern California. Though these tours and experiences are very impressive, I can enhance the online presence of these businesses to drum up more business. Attractive web layouts and graphics can help you draw the attention of greater number of customers.

The California wine industry has emerged as one of the finest in the world. Touring the various wine counties in California is not only fun but very educational. It manages to hold the attention of both adults and kids.

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