How to come up with the best theme for your website

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You have come across a website with great look via social media or search engines. You are so impressed with the look that you wish to have a similar website or a website like this for your business or non-business purpose. You may be under the wrong impression that having a similar website with great look will effectively serve your purpose. Knowing what makes a useful website or what the parameters to decide on looks for your website are help before you commission the website design project to a web designer.

If I am right, you need a website to serve your existing customers or potential ones. Evidently, the website should have a look to impress them, not you. Do step into the shoes of your audience and know their taste before finalizing a specific theme. What impresses you may not necessarily be pleasant to them. Knowing your audience in details will help you to come up with an all-in-one look for your website. You may be wondering how to know what kind of website theme will impress them.

Competitors’ analysis in your niche is one of the ways to choose suitable themes for your website. Competitors’ analysis entails research on their websites on different fronts like user interface, background image, color scheme, vertical menu or dropdown menu, navigation, etc. Do make sure to evaluate how interactive their websites are, how user-friendly the interfaces are, how the websites engage with audience, and what special design features are there. This basic study will help you decide if you should have a website like your competitors’ but with a different look/theme.

Not only aesthetics but also dynamics of themes matter to the overall appearance and interactivity of websites. Choosing a theme for your website under the influence of its aesthetics won’t be an informed decision. Dynamics of website themes across different user devices should be considerable, at the same time. Responsiveness or Fluid design is one of the most important dynamics as per the latest website design trends. Again, you need to conduct research on competitors’ websites to know how responsive their websites are. This analysis will give you a better take on it.

If you find it too difficult to come up with the desired or best look for your website, consult an experienced web designer. Discuss your business niche, audience type, target market, and requirement with the designer so that he can visualize your dream website and conceptualize accordingly. Or, seek opinions of a professional in your acquaintance circle. Professional guidance always helps. Besides, few web professionals provide free consulting services. So, it is not that much difficult to come up with the best theme for your website.


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