Web Designer Sacramento

Conversion of views into leads is the main objective of any business website. The rate of conversions depends on three factors – overall design, call to action design and navigation design. Here is a basic discussion addressing your possible queries about these factors.

Knowing your target audience helps a web designer come up with a suitable website design for your business or organization. It is obvious that a large or medium scale organization may have several target groups of audience. It is not feasible for a designer, no matter how professional or experienced he is, to step into the shoes of audience in each of the target groups. It is better to categorize the groups into a common few so that the designer can easily make his study on the target audience. It helps him design the website accordingly.

Tip:  A basic study on the target audience, their age groups, their preferences, geo-specific locations, etc. is required for ecommerce or online retail businesses in lifestyle niche particularly when it comes to designing websites.

How do you feel when you visit the websites that surprises you with sudden pop-ups, too many ads, slide-ups, etc.? The feeling is just like how you feel when you are stuck in vehicular traffic. If you are looking to have a website with so many distractions, your target audience too will feel the same. Your website should not have more than one call to action per page (in case of ecommerce portal). If it is a simple page website, one call to action is enough.

You may compare a website with a social networking portal where we see a stream of call to actions and ads. The purpose of visiting a business website and a social networking site is different. On social networking platforms, we spend time relaxing, chatting and browsing. We visit business websites with a specific purpose on mind. If the purpose is not served due to any reason which may be a distraction due to so many call to actions, we immediately click our way out of them.

Tip: The best policy is to get into a free discussion about the design of your website and its call to action with a professional designer. The discussion can help you decide the number of call to actions according to your business niche, purpose, target audience and market.

Navigation of the product pages from each of them to the other is very crucial for a user-friendly design. It is like a complex network of transportation but remarkably laid out. Do keep in mind that it must not be a labyrinth so that a visitor must not feel lost where to navigate from where. Evidently, a professional website designer plays a very important role in navigation design for multi-page websites such as news portals, ecommerce portals, etc.

Tip: Prioritization of the main pages, categorization of the pages, sub-categorization of the pages and linking them depending on the basis of importance are critical issues which a website design expert best handles professionally.