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A blog is a professional platform for attorneys to showcase their subject matter knowledge of critical cases. The professionally maintained blogs of attorney websites retain their industry knowledge and commitment to the target groups. Even the laymen among the target audience, powered by the Internet, check the company information and history, be it the best law firm website, before dealing with it. Here comes a law blog to convince them about the company’s market establishment and industry reputation. Market studies show that 60% of prospective clients feel confident about law firms after going through their blogs. Such is the power of a well-designed, technically precise and regularly maintained law company blogs.

Competition is competition, be it online market or offline market. To keep your business afloat in the competition, your company website must remain dynamic in search engines. Needless to say, search engines and particularly Google love to index fresh content in order to keep websites dynamic and visible among search results. A blog is the right instrument to provide Google and other search engines with fresh content on a regular basis. Besides, it is a basic requirement of online marketing for small law firm websites. The search engine value of indexed content of a blog is passed to the website that the blog is integrated to.

The benefit of adding a blog section to the lawyer website design plan is not just tryst with search engines but also bonding with prospects. Most of the first time and second time visitors become regular readers of a regularly updated company blog. Regularity in blogging results in frequency of visit to the blog, thereby facilitating bonding with the visitors and multiplying the chances of converting most of them into clients. Many a web designer for law firms is tapping into this user engagement power of blog for their clients by integrating it to their company websites.

A geographically targeted blog helps with destination marketing in target markets. If the Meta descriptions of the blogs of attorney websites are optimized with geo-specific keywords which the people of specific locations use, the blogs fetch in traffic from those locations. Not only Meta descriptions but also the blog content can be tweaked with powerful keywords for geo-specific marketing. Exposure of law firms to the target part or parts of the world is one of the benefits of blog integration to company websites.

What more? Blog can be used for lead generation and business conversion. You can make the most of case studies through the blog of your law website. A synopsis of a case study can be published as a blog post on your website linking back to the landing page that features the case study. The strategic use of blog for this purpose has proven to be a key of success for the best law firm website.

There are other benefits of blog integration to attorney websites. Let’s get in touch for a free discussion.