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With lots of marketing potential and increasing user base, Pinterest.com has evolved into one of the fastest-growing social media giants. An interface between a referring website and an image sharing platform, Pinterest.com is a powerful presence on the Web. It is going to be the next to Facebook shortly. If your Pinterest profile, images and content are properly optimized for target niches and target audience, you can get loads of traffic and links (nofollow). Here are 5 great tips to share with you.

Optimize business username on Pinterest  

Making your business or company name easy to utter and memorize for visitors is the very first step to optimize your business account with Pinterest.com. A limit of 15 characters is a challenge to choose a suitable username for your business. Excellent!  If the full name of your company does not cross the limit. If it does not fit the limit, make the business or company username simple and memorable by customizing it after the most important keyword that hints at the business. To say, NYTimes is the username of The New York Times on Pinterest.com.

Optimize the text of ‘About’ section

The details of businesses in the ‘About’ section of Pinterest profiles are searchable in Google and other search engines. The ‘About’ section comes with a limit of 200 characters. This space, filled with specific keyword-sensitive description, introduces businesses to their users. Twitter offers only a limited strength of 160 characters. From this standpoint, Pinterest is more generous and spacious. The overview of your business in the ‘About” section should be focused on who, what, why and where, as it is in the very first paragraph of news articles.

Link back pins with full URLs to your website  

The primary purpose of creating profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is to fetch traffic for your website and increasing brand awareness of your business. The same holds true for Pinterest.com. Link your pins back to the company website and its pages. Make sure to link back with the full URLs of the website pages or service pages or product pages. Keep in mind; pins with shortened URLs are marked as spam on Pinterest. Though links from Pinterest are ‘nofollow’, this strategy links Pinterest users to your website.

Name pinboards with keyword-based titles

You were named after several thoughts and much discussion by your parents. Simply because name matters. Give keyword-sensitive names to your boards on Pinterest.com. Naming the pinboards after the keywords that represent your business in different categories is a good marketing trick. Pinterest suggests some names, by default, based on the details of your business in the ‘About’ section.  Choose specific keyword-conscious names to title your pinboards so that you can reach out to unique visitors from specific niches.

Optimize descriptions of pins with keywords

Pinterest offers lots of space to optimize the textual description of pins. Whenever you add or upload a pin (image), space for a description with strength of 500 characters comes up. You can fill the space with useful information about the pin or image. Don’t forget to optimize the description with target keywords.  If you are pinning a product image, fill in the space with information about the usefulness of the product. If you are pinning the image of a tourist destination, share with your followers some specialties of the destination through description.