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You are not sure if WordPress theme is the right solution for a website, a reading of this post will remove all your doubts. The advantages of Custom WordPress themes are the highlights here.

Multiple page styles     

WordPress themes come with multiple page styles. Themes with single page outline for several different niches do not work these days. Themes having one page outline are difficult to be optimized for different websites. In comparison to ordinary themes, WordPress theme  make a good choice. Most of the themes come with integrated page styles; each being out of the box. Each page style can be optimized further for better look and feel. A unique website with differently styled pages is developed from such a versatile WordPress template.

Easy customization & maintenance

Another great upside of custom WordPress themes is their capability to develop into easy-to-maintain and upgrade websites. Each of the design and functional features that a WordPress website based on a custom theme incorporates can easily be customized and upgraded. With such theme, overall customization is an ease. It is because of the high-level support that custom WordPress themes come with.

Availability of free widgets

Availability of free widgets in plenty is a great reason why to choose a custom WordPress template for your website. Most of the popular themes include a fair number of custom widgets. The widgets are customizable to a great extent. It works to the benefit of both – designers and customers. By customizing and integrating different widgets to theme , developers can come up with the website that a customer desires. Customers too get websites with the look and feel that they want exactly. Custom WordPress themes offer several options to place widgets. Widget placement options range from header to footer and sidebars.

Search engine friendliness

Another great feature of custom WordPress theme is SEO friendliness. Most of the themes for WordPress websites come with in-built SEO features. It is a great benefit for the users who need not worry about the search engine optimization of every post that they upload to their WordPress blog or website. All in One SEO Pack is the most useful plugin that is available free in the WordPress factory. It makes the content of every post on a WordPress website indexbale in search engines. Thus, the visibility of WordPress content is increased.

Seamless social media integration 

In today’s digital media marketing scenario, social media sharing is a must. Custom WordPress theme  are flexible enough to integrate differently styled social sharing buttons. The theme  are extremely compatible with integration of social media channels. It helps your content spread out and reach out to the users across the web. Most WordPress theme come with built-in social sharing tabs, which does not require installation of any plugin.