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A new year means a lot new things. It is not an exception in web design and development which see growth of new trends and fall of some existing features with the turn of a new year. Speculations about the upcoming web design and development trends of 2016 are already rife. Today’s smart users armed with mobile applications for online shopping, reading, booking, etc. expect websites to be trendy with new features every year. If you are looking to get a website designed in 2016, you need to know the upcoming web design trends for 2016.

Among the possible web design and development trends in 2016, illustration seems to overtake graphics. The minimalist era which has been popular since the end of 2013 is predicted to be over in 2016. With freehand illustrations blended into design, websites will stand out to steal the show. No doubt, it takes lots of work to get a website designed with illustrative effects; the final outcome is a stunning creation.

Websites are going to have more interactive elements in 2016. With mobile apps redefining online user experience, websites need to be more interactive in the ways they are navigated now. Interactive elements in navigation design have already started falling in place. It will be a popular trend in the coming year.

Bold typography is one of the must-have features of today’s mobile websites and websites with responsive custom templates. Recent or newly designed websites feature bigger typography, which predicts that bigger and bolder typography will be among the web design trends in 2016.

Story-telling user interface has become a must for branding. Besides, it is a most distinguished aspect setting a website apart from others in look and feel. It requires a highly creative approach towards designing user interfaces which tell the story of your brand or business. Among the upcoming web design trends in 2016, Story-telling user interface will be a solution to beat competition.

With smartphones getting cheaper and more people using mobile devices to browse websites, optimization of websites for push-button mobile generation is a fast-growing trend. Websites for increasing numbers of mobile users need to be faster in 2016.

SEO-friendly AJAX is the new cool in web design and development 2016. Its growing use seems to replace media queries in the next year. CMS systems are going to embrace the Node JS trend in web development. This CMS is an interface between WordPress and Drupal. Node JS is neither as easy to set up as WordPress and nor as hard to set up as Drupal.

Websites with shortest experience are going to be a hit with users seeking easier navigation systems. It is like developing an app for an app. If your homepage with four to five menu bars covering the content of the whole website is designed as a single functioning page, your users will really find it a lot easier to flit across the site and navigate the content. That’s what I mean by a ‘website with shortest experience.’ Users of such websites can reach the desired page or content in few clicks.

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