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The success of a website depends upon its power to attract more and more visitors. Everyday many websites are launched and many goes obsolete due to various reasons. If you website is not showing any results that you had desired and you are serious with the same, then you should consider a redesign and restructuring your website for the needful.

When opting for a website redesign, there are few tips that one should consider, so that certain technical blunders are not repeated. Given below are 10 most important point (not limited to) that one should keep in mind while redesigning a website.

Pleasant outlook

When you view a website without going through the contents, the colors used speaks a lot about the company and the type of products they are dealing with. So, selection of colors plays a major role. In the same fashion but in a different note one need tobe cautious while dealing with graphics, too much usage of graphics might increase the download time and might distract the visitor form his/her desired action.

SEO friendly

Try to stick to Text and optimized Images as much as possible, don’t use unnecessary Audio or Video in your website if not an absolute requirement. As these not only make your site heavy but also results in prolong download time, which is sometime frustrating for your visitors.

No Splash page

Splash page is often regarded as introduction page on a website, do you need that? Probably you don’t, as it actually doesn’t provide much of information or actual content. Visitors don’t like splash pages, unless it has any important announcement or News. Usually it is suggested to avoid this as much as possible unless necessary.

Fast download time

Avoid unnecessary media elements. Using optimized number of images and to the point Text contents not only helps you to make your website load faster but also helps in keeping your prospective customer not getting distracted or losing focus from the goal.

Unwanted banner ads

Don’t use any unnecessary banner ads if you can do without one. As these ad drives away or navigate away your visitors. Even if you use one, make sure it opens a new window when clicked. The other factor, which can’t be ignored, is sometime these Ads take up a longer time to load and it’s quite possible that it might drive your visitor impatient.

Proper content format

While you design the content for your website make sure it has some logical flow. Every paragraph and sections should have some logical connection. Any irrelevant contents might make a visitor confused and the price that you pay is by losing a potential customer. Content should have a logical header tag, which should be self-explanatory. Contents are not limited to text only, but it applies to Images and other media elements as well. Use logical images that complement the content and goes with the flow.

Consistent in color for link text

Typography is an extremely vital ingredient in any website design/redesign assignment, and when used wisely it can reflect feelings of emotion and highlight the main objectives within the website layout or design. Link text should maintain a different color shade form your normal text content and should be kept uniform throughout the site as that helps a lot to differentiate a link text from a normal text content. A consistent color shade should be maintained fornormal text content that complements the background color. Avoid multi color or over usage of color on your text content as that might make them unreadable and can act as a catalyst to drive out your visitors. So, be sensible and think from your target customer’s perspective when it comes to selection of color shades for your site.

Minimum use of graphics

This is a tricky part of website design format, try to stick to text in place of graphics. It helps in multiple ways, the primary of which is the SEO factor and also not to mention the download time. Graphics should be used in an optimized way and when absolutely needed. Though usage of images depends, for an online store you need to have more images. So, when you need to use a considerable amount of images, make sure those are optimized for fast download and always add an alt tag and a title tag for SEO reasons.

Specific content header

Content header not only plays a important role for SEO purpose when used in appropriate tags but it also help to draw the attention of your visitor. So, be sensible when choosing your section header or content header.In most of the cases, a visitor doesn’t read all the contents, but they scan the page in a certain pattern. Visitor will read or scan your page from top and left sides of the page, often referred as F-pattern, or the golden triangle. So, while scanning, these Header acts as a guide, found suitable or interesting they take a pause and then go through the contents. Hence if you place a sensible header, it will show its result.

Relevant content

The last and the most important factor of a website, “Relevant contents” is referred as single most important fact that determines the success and failure of your online business. Proper contents not only makes your website appreciable to your visitors but also the search robots, for them the main course meal is your text content.  The bottom line is “Content is the KING” so, have some respect for the same, if used properly can have significant effect on the success of your online business.

The above point are the important factors, but there can be few more. For any consultation on your website facelift or redesign feel free to contact me or fill up the form on your right. I would be more then delighted to speak with you. Thanks for your visit.